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Opening Ceremony

With several thousand visitors attending from across Alaska and the Circumpolar North, and tens of thousands more viewing online, there is no event with better reach than the Opening Ceremony. The event includes a parade of nations, final leg of the torch relay, an artistic program, and an athlete oath. After the lighting of the Games cauldron, Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor declares the Games open. 


OPening & CLosing Ceremonies


Closing Ceremony

With lights, music and visual art, the closing ceremony is one of joy and unity. A parade of nations is replaced with youth who have traded their uniforms with other participants from around the globe. The artistic program is brief as we make time to celebrate the wins of each delegation, pass the torch, and award the Hodgson Trophy. The trophy is given to the team who exemplifies the shared northern values of cooperation and resource sharing. As the second best attended/viewed event of the week, the Closing Ceremony is a wonderful, meaningful opportunity for anyone wishing to support the Games.

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