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  • Ryan Sheldon & Editorial Staff

Guide to Arctic Winter Games Volunteers

Did you know that Arctic Winter Games volunteer jackets were specifically designed to fit the needs of living in the Arctic and Northern regions of the globe?

The volunteers serving at this year’s games, much like any of us in the North, may face harsh conditions at any time. The 2024 Host Society, partnering with Karbon, have created a volunteer uniform that not only protects these great folks who have freely given their time to serve, but also helps them stand out when you need assistance.

There are many things to love about this year’s volunteer uniform, but most importantly we love how easy it is to tell who is who!

Teal Uniforms: This is who you see when you need answers to the big questions! Teal uniforms identify Host Society Board Members, Staff, and Committee Chairs.

Blue Uniforms: These are general volunteers - they come to get things DONE.

Red Uniforms: Medical Volunteers are here to keep us healthy and safe and have gone through lots of training to be here for us!

Dark Blue Uniforms: These are Sport Officials. They help keep play fair, balanced and by the book!

Yellow Safety Vest: Here to keep out the riff raff and ensure secure operations at each venue, our Security Volunteers mean business.

Fun Fact: This year’s Arctic Winter Games actually has more volunteers than participants. Be sure to thank those who assist you for their time! We could not put on the Arctic Winter Games without them!


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