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The Arctic Winter Games brings together athletes from across the circumpolar north. 

Games CUlture

A Unifying Event

This week-long international sporting event is an opportunity for youth to participate in friendly competition and create life-long bonds with other athletes from across the globe! The Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games will host several activities and experiences for athletes, visitors, and alumni to enjoy.


Animal Ambassador

The chickadee will serve as the animal ambassador for the 2024 Mat-Su Arctic Winter Games. After a collaborative process with robust community input, as the Host Society we’ve opted out of the typical sports “mascot” program in favor of a new, more reverent representation of our animal and the spirit of the Games. Additional artistic representations of chickadees will be allowed with permission from the Host Society.

Together We are rising strong

From the darkness of Winter, comes the light of Spring

From our challenges, comes our strength 

From our strength, we can choose to rise again. 

Rise Strong, Fly North 

Your future awaits at the Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games. 

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