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Celebrating Northern Cultures

The Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games seeks to honor and celebrate the varied, rich and unique cultures of the circumpolar north, both local and across the globe. It is our honor to welcome a cultural contingent from each of the participating nations. A rich week of cultural events will mirror the sporting competitions and will culminate in a Friday night gala. Workshops, pop-up performances, visual art displays, an education program through MSBSD, a makers market, and an Indigenous fashion show will highlight the remarkable expanse of the Indigenous Northern presence. We encourage all attendees to seek out these incredible opportunities.

Wood Buffalo 2023


Wood Buffalo 2023

Alaska  Yukon  Northwest Territories  Alberta north  Nunavut  nunavik-Quebec  Greenland  Sápmi


55 degrees North

What separates the Arctic Winter Games from any other sporting competition? All our participants live above the 55° north parallel line. From Greenland to Alaska, Finland to the Northwest Territories, our participants share the common experience of the living in the North. From tundra, to boreal forests, northern lights to living off the rich seas of the northern coasts, our participants have lived in many extreme conditions that define the region. It is both a challenge and a privilege that all of our participant thrive within. To most people, the arctic seems an inhospitable landscape…We call it home.


Acknowledging the Land 

We would like to acknowledge that the Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games are taking place on the ancestral land of the Dena’ina’ and Ahtna Dene who have stewarded this area of Benteh and Nuutah for thousands of years. Our community thrives thanks to their continued sharing of vision, wisdom, values, and leadership. We offer our respect to their Elders past and present and to current Tribal leaders.

Stefaan Hinman

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