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  • Anna Chabukina

5 Merch Must Haves

As game week comes closer to the end, let's touch on some amazing merchandise that is available for purchase!

Hockey Pucks - coming in at the bottom of our list but not for the reason you think! The hockey puck is just 1 inch thick and 3  inches around, featuring this year’s AWG logo. It's at the bottom of our list due to its late arrival. As it has become more readily available, it has quickly become a crowd favorite and is flying off the shelf! 

Fishe Cap - with blue tones and an aquatic feel, and is quickly being noticed for its gentle colors. It pairs well with the tote bag of the same design!

Contingent Sweatpants - these sweatpants have been walking off the tables faster than our volunteers are able to restock. These sweatpants feature the flags of all the teams that have come out to participate in this year's Arctic Winter Games. 

Chickadee Crew Neck Sweatshirt - if you are looking for this sweatshirt in the soft blue-teal or soft lavender color, you might be disappointed. These sweatshirts were off the hangers before they could get them up. With Arctic Winter Games written on the front and beautiful black-capped chickadees hovering in the corners, it is the second best seller this week.

Pins - this might not come as a shocker, but this year's ultimate must-have item are PINS! Not only is pin trading considered the 21st sport of the AWG, it is also a great way to make connections and interact with all contingents. There are an array of sport related pins as well as contingent sets available. 

Deal of the week!! All who purchase a scarf will get a free, yes FREE, pair of gloves! Find your nearest merchandise shops now!


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