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  • Ida Edwards

A Walk in the Park

The 2024 Mat Su Arctic Winter Games have sparked considerable excitement within the Valley. Game’s week is packed with events. There are people to meet, sports to watch, and pins to trade. While most of the venues are indoors, the natural beauty of the Valley should not be missed. The stunning mountain views along the highway make for a great photo opportunity. I love watching light play on the snow capped ranges throughout the day. At one of my volunteer sessions, a local suggested that I visit Reflections Lake during my stay, so I decided to check it out.  Trails like these provide a nice break from the fast-paced highway scenery.

Finding the spot off the highway was easy, although signage advertises the nearby Knik river. Seeing parked cars I figured I was in the right place. The snow covered forest and lake looked beautiful in the winter sunlight. The trail contains packed snow, making it important to watch your step. Halfway around the lake, I found a lookout tower, which offered great views of the mountains. 

During my brief excursion, I met over a dozen locals out for a walk, showcasing the strong sense of community this trail fosters. I admired the runners who managed the ice with ease. Dogs have to be on leash to help protect the bird habitats and clean up stations were easy to access. 

Reflections lake promotes community engagement and caters to various fitness levels.  As a moderately fit individual, I found the walk manageable despite some icy patches.  As a solo traveler, I appreciated the well-maintained facilities, including toilets, dog waste stations, and ample parking. Reflections Lake was a welcome break for all the indoor excitement of Game’s week. Make sure not to leave the Valley before taking time to take a walk and appreciate our scenic surroundings. 


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