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  • Patricia Parker

Accuracy and Skill

The Arctic Winter Games Archery competition is being held at Screaming Eagle Archery, located close to the heart of the town of Wasilla AK.

The Arctic Winter Games events consisted of Compound Bow, Barebow, as well as mixed team competition. These events have been long awaited, as these young archers have been putting many hours into training to prepare for the Games.

Watching as the competing archers carefully draw arrows from their quivers, line up their shot, and send them to their mark downrange with such accuracy and skill is mesmerizing. Such a delicate process but ultimately delivering a mighty blow to their desired target. The teammates show so much encouragement and support for one another, whether the archer hit their target precisely or not at all. Such incredible sportsmanship was seen amongst the archers and their teammates.

I had a chance to talk to Barebow competitors Blake Parker and Breea Holman from Team Alaska after their team event about their AWG experience. Blake said the whole experience from participating in the games has just been a lot of fun. From the pomp and circumstance of the opening ceremony, to life at the village, hanging out and making friends with competitors from around the world—Plus engaging with some of the other events have all been a big part of the whole experience of Arctic Winter Games.

Teammate Breea told the Ulu News that she has been competing in archery for approximately five years, but that Barebow was a new and challenging adventure for her. She has been really enjoying meeting so many new people from different countries, and that was part of this opportunity she looked forward to experiencing.

She smiled when she said that life in the village, which for the Team Alaska Archers has been at Wasilla High School. Has been like a fun, relaxed and well fed summer camp. I asked Breea what she would say, if she could sum up some words about what the Arctic Winter Games and her Barebow event have meant to her. She said “It has been some of the best and hardest fun you could ever have.” Following the event that day was the awards ceremony. From Team Alaska, the podium had Blake Parker and Breea Holman standing up, as they had won the bronze ulu, alongside their other teammates from Team Alaska Kate Connelly and Colter Gose who had earned the silver ulu. There’s more archery to come this week. For those who want to watch our amazing athletes compete. Just head over to Screaming Eagle Archery in Wasilla to cheer these skilled participants on!


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