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  • Anna Chabukina

Amazing Win For Nunavut

Nuna What!? Nunavut ! You can hear these words chanted at all events this week. Team Nunavut joins the Arctic Winter Games from the Eastern portion of the Northwest territories. From arrival day at AWG, you can see the proud Team Nunavut in high spirits and even higher determination. 

Through the course of this week, Nunavut has taken: 16 gold, 9 silver, and 15 bronze medals, bringing them to a grand total of 40 medals. Nunavut has put their all into their sports. From Dene games to futsal, they have shown time and time again their sheer determination and spirit.

In last night's futsal game, the crowd celebrated a powerful cinematic win for Team Nunavut. Tied with Northwest Territories, 5 to 5, and two overtime periods, Nunavut netted the winning kick with 3 minutes on the clock of the second overtime period. Silence only followed for just a moment before the entire crowd jumped to their feet. Team Nunavut has won - 6 to 5. Team members flooded the court as tears of joy were shared in celebration, and un-ending cheers echoed from the stands. It would be a night to remember for all of us!

Team Nunavut is a contingent of 280, representing three regions: Qikiqtaaluk, Kivalliq, and Kitikmeot. These three regions encompass 25 communities also represented in this year's AWG. Team Nunavut has shown tremendous bravery and absolute comradery. Through all the challenges that they faced this week. To describe this experience as uplifting is an understatement, and their sportsmanship towards the other contingents, exemplary.  Let's go, Nunavut!


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