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  • Charles Knowles

Arctic Winter Games Teams Up with Medical Network of Alaska to Prioritize Participant Safety

The Arctic Winter Games reiterates its unwavering commitment to athlete and participant health and safety with a vital partnership with Medical Network of Alaska (MNA).

MNA, a leading provider of healthcare administrative support services, is making a generous donation of $128,750 worth of medical services during the Games week. As part of their mission to enhance healthcare access, value, and quality, MNA provides leadership, support, and guidance to healthcare facilities across various specialties. This partnership with the Arctic Winter Games signifies a shared commitment to the safety and health of all involved.

The Arctic Winter Games recognizes the need for expert medical support in such a dynamic and diverse event. MNA's support guarantees swift and efficient medical assistance for any unforeseen situations, fostering confidence and peace of mind for all attendees.

This collaboration will further elevate the 2024 Mat-Su Arctic Winter Games. MNA’s core values, rooted in collaboration and efficiency, align perfectly with the spirit of the Arctic Winter Games.

For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit Arctic Winter Games Website or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

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