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  • Ida Edwards


The gym was alive with the sounds of competition. The squeak of shoes pivoting on the floor, the twang of a hit to the shuttlecock, the swish of racquets. With the sound of spectators cheering and officials calling the serves, badminton got underway at Colony High School. 

There were six courts in play at the singles event on Tuesday afternoon. I had a clear site line to three of the six courts from the upper level viewing area. My head swung from side to side to keep up with three games, like a kitty in the window watching a busy bird feeder. The badminton competition was exciting to take in. It was humbling to think of the months of training that was now being put to the test in a best of three sets. 

Enthusiasm and anticipation permeated the gym. Players had warm up rallies to test each other out before the match, then officials explained the coin toss rules. Finally the games began. Players showcased their speed, agility, and coordination in fast paced sets. I admired the energy of the new players with their exciting rallies and the way more experienced players used a mix of shots to keep each other hopping. They tested each other with strategic forehands, backhands, slice touch, and smashes in some exciting rallies. Unique serving styles were on display, designed to catch the competition off-guard. And coaches, well, they were mostly wrapped around their chairs at the back of the courts watching the play unfold. 

There was a high level of sportsmanship on and off the courts. The players were gracious with their wins and defeats.

There is going to be more Badminton action this week at the Eklutna 1/Colony High School. Visit or to find more schedule information. 

Ida Edwards (she/her) is a reporter with the 2024 ULU News. She is music teacher in Athabasca, Alberta. Follow Ida on


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