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  • Kaje Rockwell


The players glided into view over a smooth field of ice as a gleeful audience buzzed in anticipation, cheering for all the players in the rink. The energy of the arena said it all– this was going to be an epic ice hockey game for Team Alaska and Team Yukon.

At the start, the teams exchanged slapshots like a call and response, answering shot for shot. Soon skaters’ foreheads dripped with sweat and both teams gladly took a moment to breathe at the end of the first period, regrouping on the bench as each team planned their attack. Team Alaska quickly took the lead as Yukon players glared determined through frosted visors. Challenge accepted. It was GAME ON.

Fans in Alaskan blue and gold drank from steaming cups of afternoon coffee, alert as Team Yukon made their moves. Blades slicing across the ice with the grit and gusto of seasoned professionals, the battle continued into the next period. Yukon gave it their all! The numbers on the scoreboard barely budged for Team Alaska until the very end of the second period. Alaska kept the lead with Yukon doing all they could to execute a solid defensive tactic. Yukon’s goalie moved with expert precision and timing, protecting the goal at all costs, stopping slapshots with both blades and catching flying pucks before they could find the back of the net.

The competition grew so intense at one point that the crowd fell silent, just staring in awe–both teams’ fans hoping, some doubting, others cheering while Team Yukon and Team Alaska committed 100% of their energy to Tuesday night’s game.

Team Yukon seemed to know what they were up against. Breathless by the end of the second period, they gathered into a huddle, their coaches joining the circle to quickly discuss strategy. In the stands, a single fan waved Alaska’s flag with honor. As if in reply, Yukon rattled their blades against the side of their box, and with a single glance from their coach, poured off the benches and back onto the ice.

Blades cast a spray of ice across the glass. Players slammed into the boards, panting, hearts clearly racing, eyes darting to every corner through the fast-paced game. Each player fought hard for their team as the audience sat at the edge of their seats, intensely focused on the nonstop action. Yukon played hard, but ultimately Alaska won, 9-0.

The results displayed on the scoreboard, there was a touching moment of camaraderie after their struggle as the teams met and brotherly hugs replaced competitive shoves. Putting their blades to one side, hands extended willingly, they congratulated each other. “Good game, good game…” they chanted as they swapped handshakes. Despite the 9-0 score, it’s worth noting that every player remained a leader, a fighter, and a winner throughout the game.


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