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  • Charles Knowles

Gorilla Fireworks and Golden Wheel Amusements Light Up the Sky over The Arctic winter Games

The Arctic Winter Games, a gathering that harmoniously blends sports and culture for Northern communities, is set to ignite the spirits of Alaskans with a dazzling partnership. The excitement peaks during the Winter Carnival, in the form of a generous donation from two cherished local legends.

Gorilla Fireworks, a beloved fixture in the Mat-Su Valley, is contributing a pyrotechnic extravaganza valued at $50,000. Their name is synonymous with thrilling bursts of light and color that paint the Alaskan skies during festivities. Their commitment to the local community has made them an enduring favorite.

Golden Wheel Amusements, an institution in itself, will add the thrill of rides to the Arctic Winter Games Winter Carnival, with a donation valued at $25,000. For years, they have been crafting cherished memories for Alaskan families, their rides becoming a hallmark of community joy.

Karen, [Title] at Arctic Winter Games, beamed, "We are thrilled to have Gorilla Fireworks and Golden Wheel Amusements on board. Their legacy in the Mat-Su Valley and the warmth they bring to Alaskan hearts perfectly align with our mission of cultural exchange and cherished memories.

With the inclusion of these vibrant experiences, the 2024 Arctic Winter Games and Carnival are set to come alive with dazzling displays in the sky and thrilling rides, inviting everyone to celebrate the spirit of the Last Frontier.

For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.


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