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Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games Seeks Former Participants

Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games | Press Release | June 5, 2023



Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games Seeks Former Participants

[Palmer, June 5, 2023] – The Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games, set to take place in the Mat Su Valley March 10-16, 2024 marks the 24th Games of the Arctic Winter Games. To commemorate this and pay tribute to the Games' rich history, the Mat-Su Host Society is thrilled to invite past participants to join the celebration in its exclusive Alumni Lounge during the 2024 Games to gather and share stories about past Games.

Since its inception in 1970, when the inaugural games were held in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, the Arctic Winter Games have become a cherished tradition, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition among the northern regions of the world. Over the years, the Games have not only showcased the exceptional athletic talents of Arctic athletes but also celebrated the region's culture, heritage, and interconnectedness.

As we look back on the legacy of the Arctic Winter Games, we see that the event's success is owed to the unwavering support and commitment of the participants who have contributed to its rich tapestry of memories and experiences. In recognition of their invaluable contribution, the Mat-Su 2024 Host Society is actively working on creating a dedicated gathering place within the Games to honor the past participants.

While the specific details of the alumni lounge are still being developed, it aims to be a space where former participants can reconnect, reminisce, and revel in the enduring beauty, creativity, and connection the Arctic Winter Games represent. Whether you were a competitor, coach, volunteer, or part of the organizing team in any previous edition, your presence and June 5, 2023 participation in shaping the Games' history are of utmost importance.

To keep you informed about updates regarding the alumni lounge and other exciting developments leading up to the Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games, we encourage all former participants to join our newsletter. You will receive timely information about the Games, opportunities to engage with fellow alumni, and the chance to share your experiences.

To join the newsletter and provide your valuable input, please visit our website at Indicate the year(s) you participated in the Arctic Winter Games and share what the Games meant to you. Your feedback will help us create an alumni lounge that resonates with the spirit of the Games and ensures a memorable experience for all.

The Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games Host Society extends its gratitude to all past participants for their dedication and enthusiasm. Your support has been instrumental in making the Games the incredible event it is today.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games, or 907-745-4294

About the Arctic Winter Games: The Arctic Winter Games is an international sporting and cultural event that brings together athletes from across the Arctic regions. Founded in 1970, the Games promote physical fitness, cultural exchange, and friendly competition. The event features a wide range of sports and activities, highlighting the unique heritage and talent of the Arctic communities. For more information, visit


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