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  • Kyla Kahrs

New Name—Many New Athletes—Team Kalaallit Nunaat May Be a New Ace

Team Kalaallit Nunaat, situated within the Arctic Circle and representing Greenland, holds the distinction of being the northernmost team participating in the Arctic Game. Making the current weather conditions appear rather balmy for them. Recently renamed from Team Greenland to Kalaallit Nunaat, which is the indigenous Greenlandic name for the country, this change reflects a significant step by the Sport Confederation of Greenland towards embracing it’s countries native culture. Despite the international recognition of the name Greenland, the acceptance of the indigenous title by both the Sport Confederation of Greenland and the Arctic Winter Games marks a pivotal moment.

Comprising athletes competing in Arctic Sports, Dene Games, Badminton, Snowboarding, and Cross-Country Skiing, Team Kalaallit Nunaat boasts a total of 65 members including participants, coaches and support staff. With a notable presence of returning athletes, particularly in Badminton and Dene Games, the team demonstrates continuity and expertise in these disciplines.

The popularity of Arctic Sports and Dene Games is on the rise in Kalaallit Nunaat, with plans for the inaugural international tournament scheduled to take place in Greenland next year. The anticipation surrounding the event underscores the country’s eagerness to showcase its athletic ability on the global stage.

As we reach the midweek mark, the performance of Team Kalaallit Nunaat becomes increasingly noteworthy. The female Badminton players remain undefeated, while their male counterparts also have had a commendable showing. Some participants have already secured placements in their respective sports, hinting at a promising Ulu haul for Greenland by the end of the week. It is remarkable to witness the dedication of these athletes across different age groups, as they passionately pursue their sporting endeavors. Above all, their joyous demeanor and proud representation of their country and culture leave a lasting impression.

Make sure to keep an eye onTeam Kalaallit Nunaat progress. For those unable to attend, check out Hometeam’s live stream of competition or check out the team’s facebook page for updates and athlete interviews.


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