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  • Charles Knowles

Palmer welcomes AWG with open arms ‘Alaska at it’s best’

The Arctic Winter Games is proud to welcome the vibrant city of Palmer, Alaska, as a beacon of community support.

Palmer has extended a helping hand to the Arctic Winter Games by offering a generous donation valued at $25,000. This includes local fee coverage and the mitigation of rental costs, underlining their commitment to fostering unity and cultural celebration.

The Arctic Winter Games have long been a symbol of athletes, artists, and communities coming together to celebrate sports and culture in the Circumpolar North. Palmer's contribution is one that further enhances this celebration, and fully embodies the slogan ‘Alaska At It’s Best.

This heartwarming partnership between the Arctic Winter Games and Palmer signifies a significant step forward, ensuring that the 2024 event will be a remarkable showcase of unity, culture, and community spirit.

For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.


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