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  • Charles Knowles

Premier Alaska Tours Fuels Arctic Winter Games with a Hefty $150K Contribution

In a significant display of community support, Premier Alaska Tours, a renowned Alaskan tour operator, has announced a donation of $150,000 in services to the upcoming Arctic Winter Games. This substantial contribution will bolster the logistics of the event by providing essential shuttling services for participants.

Premier Alaska Tours, with its roots deeply embedded in Alaskan soil since 1995, is not just a leader in the realm of tour operations and motorcoach charters but also a company with a heart for community involvement. Known for their dynamic tour packages and a team that embodies the adventurous Alaskan spirit, Premier Alaska Tours stands as a testament to local pride and commitment.

The Arctic Winter Games, celebrates the spirit and talents of circumpolar athletes and indigenous cultures. Premier Alaska Tours’ donation comes at a critical time, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation for the participants, an aspect pivotal to the success of the event.

As a local leader in the tourism industry, Premier Alaska Tours continues to set an example in community engagement and support. This contribution not only aids the Arctic Winter Games but also strengthens the bond between Alaskan businesses and cultural events, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.


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