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  • Misty Gillard

Team Nunavik Finds Their Power at AWG

Team Nunavik arrived at the Mat-Su Arctic Winter Games from villages within the Northern parts of the Quebec Territory in Canada. Team Nunavik consists of 54 athletes and 6 cultural performers and supported by 11 coaches, two cultural managers, and eight mission staff.

Team Nunavik can be recognized by their lime green jackets and black pants.  Their flag is from Quebec Province. (Nunavik Territory’s flag is similar to Quebec’s flag except with a stylized fleurs-de-lis.)  

On the website, Nunavik Team writes that the sentiment of cultural pride is also felt by many community members.  A video shows community members cheering on the team and reminding them to take pride in who they are, where they come from, and their cultural heritage. 

 “You are part of a big family, so be proud of it.  You are not only representing yourself, but you're representing your family, your community, and your region…Team Nunavik FIND YOUR POWER!“  

According to the team’s website, “...Team Nunavik–Québec has been growing stronger and stronger, both in terms of athletic performance as well as organization…Athletes that become part of Team Nunavik–Québec are selected based on athletic performance, good sportsmanship and leadership qualities.”

The Nunavik region has been participating in the Arctic Winter Games since 1972. This year's games are the team’s 16th Arctic Winter Games. The Nunavik team likes to share their culture and competitive spirit.  Team Nunavik has participants in the cultural performances, the Dene Games and other AWG sports. The team wants to have fun and to do their best in the competitions.  

So far in the 2024 Mat-Su Arctic Winter Games, the team has earned 23 medals, six gold, 10 silver and seven bronze. 

Nunavik means the Great Land in the local dialect Inuktitut.  It is the homeland of the Inuit of Quebec.

The region is the northern half of the Nord-du-Québec region and includes all the territory north of the 55th parallel. It is an extremely large and sparsely populated region with only 14 villages. There are no road links between Nunavik and southern Quebec.  

 Fans are invited to show their team support and to send messages of encouragement on social media: @TeamNunaviukQuebec. 


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