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  • Emma Keechle

Three Cheers for Your Favorite Team!

Chants are a way for supporters in the stands to both interact with the game and the players playing. Most chants start either with one person starting them or a small group which then spreads to a whole crowd. Here are some common chants from each team:


Nunavut [clap clap clap]

(one person) N what (crowd respond) NU

(one person) Nunavut (crowd respond) Nunavut

Lets go nunavut lets go [clap clap/stomp stomp]


Yukon [clap clap/stomp stomp]

Lets go Yukon [clap clap clap clap clap/stomp]

Hey yo, oh hey, oh hey, oh hey, Yukon, Yukon!


Sapmi [clap clap clap/stomp]

(one person) Give me a S (crowd respond) S (one person) give me a A (crowd respond) A (one person) give me a P (crowd respond ) P (one person) give me a M (crowd respond) M (one person) Give me a I (crowd respond) I (one person) What does that spell (Crowd respond) SAPMI!!!!


Let’s go, Alaska, Alaska, let’s go!

(one person) A who (crowd respond) AK

Let’s go, Alaska, let’s go [clap clap/stomp]

Oh ley, oh ley, oh ley, oh ley, AK all day!

All these chants may be used with other teams and not just the ones mentioned just change out the letters and or names.

Most chants are repeated more than once and have a certain rhythm, you can just follow along with the crowd to join the chant.

One thing to remember though is to always be respectful to other fans in the stands, don't start booing other people or players.


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