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  • Kaje Rockwell



We saw our youth excel tonight at the men’s basketball game featuring Team Alaska and Team Yukon. It was a display of sportsmanship and leadership at its prime.. With eager anticipation, we felt the charged atmosphere swirling around us as the teams made their first entrance.    

Team Alaska burst out of their locker rooms at a heroic stride.  Yukon tiptoed at the growing cheers of their fans. Alaska started strong, scoring 4 points right away. Cheers for Yukon grew with every score, resulting in a 4-4 tie. 

Despite some rough falls and hard slides both teams showed remarkable resilience, always swiftly getting back on their feet. After some encouragement from their coach, Yukon took the lead, prompting frantic cheers from the audience.

Throughout the game both teams displayed determination and drive. Despite Alaska’s efforts to cut Yukon’s lead, Yukon maintained their advantage, leading 42-25 by the end of the second quarter. 

As the game progressed, Alaska fought hard to narrow the gap, eventually bringing the score to 53-47. The tension in the room was palpable as both teams fought relentlessly. 

The crowd erupted with joy and amazement as Team Alaska closed in on Yukon’s lead, eventually taking a momentary lead themselves. With the score tied multiple times, the fourth period became a wild frenzy of excitement, with elated fans bouncing in the bleachers. 

Blood rushing, the teams gathered again, Alaska still in the lead! A wild chant pealed out for Yukon.  “Yukon do it!” echoed across the court.

We saw the score rise again to yet another tie.  Despite Alaska’s efforts Yukon managed to score the win in the end. The final buzzer marking the end of an exhilarating and well-fought game.  


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