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  • Richard L. and Diane M. Block Foundation Empowers Youth and Culture with a $30,000 Donation to the 2024 Arctic Winter Games

    The Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games proudly announces a generous donation of $30,000 from the Richard L. and Diane M. Block Foundation. This significant contribution is a testament to the Foundation's commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Alaska, focusing on youth leadership, cultural enrichment, and community upliftment. Celebrating its inaugural hosting of the Arctic Winter Games, the Mat-Su Borough is primed to welcome an international assembly of athletes and artists from across the Circumpolar North. The event is set to be a cultural extravaganza that brings together over 2,000 participants, 2,000 volunteers, and 4,000 visitors and media personnel from around the globe, creating infinite opportunities for cultural exchange​. The support from Richard L. and Diane M. Block Foundation aligns perfectly with our values of Resilience, Inclusivity, Strength, and Excellence (RISE) and helps us to unite and celebrate our community while connecting with our northern neighbors. For more details about the Arctic Winter Games and the impact of this donation, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Walmart supports Arctic culture & sporting excellence in this season of giving

    In a generous show of support for community and cultural engagement, Walmart has stepped forward with a donation of $25,000 to the Arctic Winter Games, bolstering the event’s mission to celebrate Northern culture and sportsmanship. Walmart is proud to be part of an event that resonates so deeply with the spirit of community and inclusivity, This  gesture in giving back to the communities they serve, and supporting the Arctic Winter Games is a testament to their commitment to Alaska and its vibrant cultures. Karen Lane, General Manager of the Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games, expressed heartfelt gratitude: “We are grateful to have partnership with Walmart. Not only did they donate to the Games, but are also encouraging their employees to volunteer.” The Arctic Winter Games stand as a symbol of unity, resilience, and cultural pride, attracting participants and spectators from around the Circumpolar North. With Walmart’s support, the 2024 Games are set to be an even more vibrant and inclusive celebration. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024

  • Premier Alaska Tours Fuels Arctic Winter Games with a Hefty $150K Contribution

    In a significant display of community support, Premier Alaska Tours, a renowned Alaskan tour operator, has announced a donation of $150,000 in services to the upcoming Arctic Winter Games. This substantial contribution will bolster the logistics of the event by providing essential shuttling services for participants. Premier Alaska Tours, with its roots deeply embedded in Alaskan soil since 1995, is not just a leader in the realm of tour operations and motorcoach charters but also a company with a heart for community involvement. Known for their dynamic tour packages and a team that embodies the adventurous Alaskan spirit, Premier Alaska Tours stands as a testament to local pride and commitment. The Arctic Winter Games, celebrates the spirit and talents of circumpolar athletes and indigenous cultures. Premier Alaska Tours’ donation comes at a critical time, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation for the participants, an aspect pivotal to the success of the event. As a local leader in the tourism industry, Premier Alaska Tours continues to set an example in community engagement and support. This contribution not only aids the Arctic Winter Games but also strengthens the bond between Alaskan businesses and cultural events, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Gorilla Fireworks and Golden Wheel Amusements Light Up the Sky over The Arctic winter Games

    The Arctic Winter Games, a gathering that harmoniously blends sports and culture for Northern communities, is set to ignite the spirits of Alaskans with a dazzling partnership. The excitement peaks during the Winter Carnival, in the form of a generous donation from two cherished local legends. Gorilla Fireworks, a beloved fixture in the Mat-Su Valley, is contributing a pyrotechnic extravaganza valued at $50,000. Their name is synonymous with thrilling bursts of light and color that paint the Alaskan skies during festivities. Their commitment to the local community has made them an enduring favorite. Golden Wheel Amusements, an institution in itself, will add the thrill of rides to the Arctic Winter Games Winter Carnival, with a donation valued at $25,000. For years, they have been crafting cherished memories for Alaskan families, their rides becoming a hallmark of community joy. Karen, [Title] at Arctic Winter Games, beamed, "We are thrilled to have Gorilla Fireworks and Golden Wheel Amusements on board. Their legacy in the Mat-Su Valley and the warmth they bring to Alaskan hearts perfectly align with our mission of cultural exchange and cherished memories. With the inclusion of these vibrant experiences, the 2024 Arctic Winter Games and Carnival are set to come alive with dazzling displays in the sky and thrilling rides, inviting everyone to celebrate the spirit of the Last Frontier. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Creating Cultural Connections: Arctic Winter Games and GEMS.Pro Partner for Success

    The Arctic Winter Games, a biannual international sporting event inspiring athletes, artists, and communities to come together in cultural exchange, proudly announces partnership with GEMS.Pro. GEMS.Pro, a leader in professional games and event management systems, has made a generous donation of $100,000 in management software to support the Arctic Winter Games. Their commitment to providing top-notch systems has already proven itself across major multi-venue, multi-language, multi-sport assignments in Canada, USA, and Europe. With the capacity to handle up to 35,000 participants and 7,500 volunteers while serving a daily average of 500,000 web pages to 40,000 Internet users, GEMS.Pro is on track to revolutionize the Arctic Winter Games. "We are thrilled to join forces with GEMS.Pro," said Karen Lane, General Manager at Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games. "Their donation is a testament to their commitment to the communities we serve, and we are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have." This partnership with GEMS.Pro is a significant step forward for the Arctic Winter Games and the Circumpolar North community. Their support is set to make the upcoming Games an unforgettable experience, promoting unity and cultural exchange among participants and fans. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit

  • Karbon Joins Forces with the Arctic Winter Games, Sponsoring Volunteer Uniforms

    Karbon, a renowned name in athletic apparel, and the Arctic Winter Games, a premier celebration of northern culture and athleticism, are proud to announce their collaborative effort in support of the Games. Karbon has generously contributed over $400,000 to sponsor the volunteer uniforms for this event. The Arctic Winter Games represent a unique cultural exchange and a testament to the importance of fostering active lifestyles in northern communities. Karbon shares this vision and is honored to be a part of this incredible event, which brings communities and athletes together from across the Arctic region. The generous contribution from Karbon will provide the dedicated volunteers of the Arctic Winter Games with high-quality uniforms, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide support and facilitate the seamless operation of the event. These volunteers play a crucial role in making the Games a success, and the sponsorship from Karbon will help recognize and appreciate their hard work and dedication. This partnership reflects the shared values of both Karbon and the Arctic Winter Games, emphasizing community spirit, cultural exchange, and a commitment to active living. For more information about Karbon and their dedication to promoting active lifestyles, please visit

  • Arctic Winter Games Teams Up with Medical Network of Alaska to Prioritize Participant Safety

    The Arctic Winter Games reiterates its unwavering commitment to athlete and participant health and safety with a vital partnership with Medical Network of Alaska (MNA). MNA, a leading provider of healthcare administrative support services, is making a generous donation of $128,750 worth of medical services during the Games week. As part of their mission to enhance healthcare access, value, and quality, MNA provides leadership, support, and guidance to healthcare facilities across various specialties. This partnership with the Arctic Winter Games signifies a shared commitment to the safety and health of all involved. The Arctic Winter Games recognizes the need for expert medical support in such a dynamic and diverse event. MNA's support guarantees swift and efficient medical assistance for any unforeseen situations, fostering confidence and peace of mind for all attendees. This collaboration will further elevate the 2024 Mat-Su Arctic Winter Games. MNA’s core values, rooted in collaboration and efficiency, align perfectly with the spirit of the Arctic Winter Games. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit Arctic Winter Games Website or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Rasmuson Foundation Fuels Dreams at the 2024 Arctic Winter Games

    The Arctic Winter Games symbolizes uniting athletes, artists, and communities in a celebration of Northern culture. Today, this journey recieves a momentous boost with the generous support of Rasmuson Foundation. Rasmuson Foundation, Alaska's premier private funder, is extending a helping hand with a substantial donation of at least $400,000 for participant beds. Their mission is clear: to elevate the quality of life for all Alaskans. They do this by providing grants, fostering collaboration, and igniting a spirit of giving back that reverberates through every corner of the state. The beds, known for their exceptional comfort, are more than a temporary amenity for the Games. In a heartwarming post-event gesture, these beds will find new homes, as they are set to be donated to non-profit organizations across the state. Karen Lane, General Manager at Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games, expressed, "Our partnership with Rasmuson Foundation is a game-changer. This generous donation will significantly enhance our ability to create an unforgettable experience for our participants." With Rasmuson Foundation's vital support, the 2024 Arctic Winter Games will be a testament to cultural fusion, and the strength of our community. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Alaska Airlines Soars to New Heights with Arctic Winter Games Partnership

    The Arctic Winter Games, a biannual celebration of sports and culture for Circumpolar North communities, is reaching new heights with the generous partnership of Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines' remarkable legacy, marked by numerous aviation milestones and countless stories of people going above and beyond to help others, is now interwoven with the Arctic Winter Games. For 90 years, Alaska Airlines has been guided by principles of integrity, caring, ingenuity, professionalism, and a unique spirit that continues to inspire their commitment to the communities they serve. Their remarkable donation of $100,000 includes $30,000 in cash and covers travel expenses for officials, contracted staff, and special project consultants. Additionally, they have generously provided airline tickets for fundraising use. This partnership marks a milestone in fostering cultural exchange, the essence of the Arctic Winter Games. With the invaluable partnership of Alaska Airlines, the 2024 Arctic Winter Games are anticipated to become a grand demonstration of unity and cultural interaction. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Sadler’s Home Furnishing Elevates Arctic Winter Games with $100,000 Pledge

    For over five decades, the Arctic Winter Games have embodied the very essence of unity and cultural celebration in the Circumpolar North. With a generous contribution valued at $100,000, Sadler’s Home Furnishing pledges discounts, storage, and delivery of participant beds to support the 2024 Arctic Winter Games. Behind this philanthropic gesture are Dave and Rachel Cavitt, the dynamic duo behind Sadler’s. Their story is a testament to Alaskan spirit. Dave's roots in the furniture business trace back to his early days as a delivery man, salesperson, and manager at Sadler's Furniture. Rachel, with a background in airline management, marketing, and sales, brought her unique expertise into the mix. In 1988, they took the reins at Sadler's, and their commitment to Alaska shines through. Sadler’s commitment to serving customers as neighbors has earned them the title of Alaska's premier furniture store. This partnership will ensure that the 2024 event embodies a remarkable showcase of unity, culture, and enhanced community backing. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Palmer welcomes AWG with open arms ‘Alaska at it’s best’

    The Arctic Winter Games is proud to welcome the vibrant city of Palmer, Alaska, as a beacon of community support. Palmer has extended a helping hand to the Arctic Winter Games by offering a generous donation valued at $25,000. This includes local fee coverage and the mitigation of rental costs, underlining their commitment to fostering unity and cultural celebration. The Arctic Winter Games have long been a symbol of athletes, artists, and communities coming together to celebrate sports and culture in the Circumpolar North. Palmer's contribution is one that further enhances this celebration, and fully embodies the slogan ‘Alaska At It’s Best. This heartwarming partnership between the Arctic Winter Games and Palmer signifies a significant step forward, ensuring that the 2024 event will be a remarkable showcase of unity, culture, and community spirit. For more information about the Arctic Winter Games and the upcoming event, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @awg2024.

  • Local Businesses Rise to call for sponsors as Arctic Winter Games Fundraising continues

    The Mat-su 2024 Arctic Winter Games is pleased to enter sponsorship agreements with the Frontiersman, UMV, North Slope Telecom Inc, and Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute as fundraising efforts continue. Each of these sponsors contributes goods and services or a monetary donation valued at $25,000. Community is the driving force behind events like the Arctic Winter Games, and the bolster of Mat-Su Valley Spirit found in the partnership of each new supporter is what will ultimately bring the games to fruition. North Slope Telecom will be providing the games with radio communication services during games week, as well as supplying and storing fencing for various sporting events. The fencing will become part of AWG legacy gifts to the community after the games. The UMV's sponsorship directly supports the purchase of accreditation badges and lanyards that participants, volunteers and special guests will use during the event. The Frontiersman is aiding the games in a variety of advertising, reporting, and promotional needs during and leading up to the games. Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has contributed hundreds of pounds of seafood needed for the traditional feast that will be held during the games, in addition to a monetary donation to be used for the purchase of additional seafood needs for games participant meals throughout games week. Among other aspects of involvement, this level of sponsorship affords each of these sponsors the opportunity to present medals at the games. AWG is seeking additional sponsorships at any level. To inquire about partnering with AWG contact Cheryl Metiva, Sponsorship & Community Engagement Manager at Additional Information regarding sponsorship and volunteer opportunities can be found at

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