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Arctic Sports

Inuit games competition is held in four age/sex classes: open and junior men and women.  There are four athletes in each open age-class, five athletes in each junior age-class, and one coach per sex.  All competitors compete in One-Foot High Kick, Two-Foot High Kick, Alaskan High Kick, Kneel Jump, Sledge Jump, and Triple Jump.  Junior men and women in both classes compete in the Arm Pull; open men compete as well in the Airplane, One Hand Reach, Head Pull and Knuckle Hop.  In each class, there is an all-round event based upon results from the individual events. A total of 35 gold ulus are awarded in Inuit Games events. Teams that regularly participate in Inuit games include Alaska, Yukon, Alberta North, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Kalaallit Nunaat, and Nunavik/Quebec.


Colony High School

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