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  • Emma Keechle

Futsal Gets aggressive as the competition heats up

At 12pm, female U16 teams Nunavut and Yukon faced off.  The first half unfolded at a slow pace, lacking many thrilling moments. The half concluded with Yukon leading 3-0. As the second half commenced, both teams ramped up their intensity, resulting in a much faster paced game. Yukon ultimately secured victory with a score of 10-0.

At 1pm, male U16 teams Sápmi and Northwest Territories took the court. The match kicked off with a rapid pace in the first half, with Team Sápmi taking a commanding 7-0 lead. The momentum carried over into the second half, with Team Sápmi maintaining their dominance and ultimately winning 12-0. 

At 2pm male U18 teams Alaska and Nunavut clashed in a fiercely competitive game from start to finish. The match was marked by a high tempo and aggressive play throughout. Team Nunavut’s repeated fouls resulted in numerous free shots on goal for Team Alaska. Amidst the fierce play, a particularly aggressive incident led to a red card for a Nunavut player, leaving their team a player short until halftime. Despite the challenges, Team Nunavut managed to end the half with a 3-2 edge. However, tensions remained high throughout the second half, with confrontations between players and heated exchanges between coaches and referees. The tension from the game even carried into the crowd,resulting in volunteers standing between fan sections as a precaution. Nunavut held their lead and won this fierce matchup 6-3. After the game referee Nathan Grey said in response to the question ‘how do you handle a game as heated as this?’. He stated, “You wanna make sure you stay fair and be aware that some players might lose their cool…you have to have wits about you… as a ref you live for these games.”


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